Fields Configuration

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Qestate theme has a great tool that provides you possibility to add new fields from WordPress dashboard. The best thing is that each created field is searchable.

To find fields settings open WordPress dashboard and go Qestate Options > Field Config. Here you can control what fields are used for Property, Agent, Member, Agency.

Step 1: Creating new field

After accessing "Field config" section dashboard, in the top are tabs (Property, Agent, Agency and Member). Each tab shows us list of existing fields for page.

To provide a better understanding how it works, we'll create new field "Floors" for property details page.

To add new field click the "Add Entry" button and select what field type you need. You can add any field type you may ever need: text, number, media, etc..

Every field must have name and unique ID (Screenshot).

When field ID and name will be added, Drag & Drop to change the field display order on edit page. It is optional. Basically, fields order matches the one in the "Field config" section.

Step 2: Displaying field on the page

Now we'll display newly created field on property details page. First of all edit a property and add the number of floors.

To show the new field we need to edit the template used for property details page.
There are a few ways to see what template was used there:

  • In Qestate Options > Layout > Property single.
  • Open a property and hover Edit layout on black toolbar.
  • For each property template can be overridden. If it was the case, then on "Edit property" page in right sidebar in "Property Attributes" section you can see what template was used.

In our case for property details page was used "Property single" template.

As we want to show field on property details page we have to add field from Property Single Field tab in WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer).

After selecting field, will appear window with all settings for this field. In our case we want to show field field name: field value format, so we can match the "Details" section design.
Because of that we'll select the Key value design, where key is field name and value is field value.
Also we'll need to select "Inline" alignment for the title (field name) and for the content (field value) to show name and value in on row.

Let's save changes and open property page to see the result.

Step 3: Adding field to the search form

Let's add new field in search form on our Home page. To add "Floors" field in the search form, we need to edit form's template.

Each field can be displayed using in a lot of different ways: range slider, input, dropdown, etc. We'll use "number" type.

After adding field will appear field's settings window. Here we can set minimal and maximum value, change increment step, select field design, etc..

In WPBakery Page Builder we can change field display order in form.

Now feel free to save changes and open page to see new field in search form.

Step 4: Adding field to a grid

To show how customizable Qestate theme is, let's show our field in "Featured Listings" section on Home page. For example, we'll replace "Baths" with "Floors" field. In this case we need to edit grid used in "Featured Listings" section. This grid we can find in partial used for Home page.

First of all we need to create new grid. We'll use grid in "Featured Listings" section and will edit it to add "Floors" field.
To create new field go WPBakery Page Builder > Grid Builder > Add new. Click on "Templates" button to open list of all predefined Qestate grids.

Using search tool find "Property grid" and click on it. Grid was imported. Name this grid how you like and now remove "Baths" field and add "Floors" field.
When adding new field to grid, we need to select field from "Property Single Field" tab. This way Page Builder recognizes that is added a property field and not agent or agency field.
When everything was done, save changes.

Now go back to the partial and select newly created grid from dropdown menu in "Qestate Grid" shortcode.
Also we need to set unique ID for newly created grid, save changes and open Home page to see the result.